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EDCE 6200

Research, Non-fiction Reading, Writing, and Technology

This course explores the relationship between inquiry-based learning and technology through the The PLN Frameworks and The State Standards.

Through a series of Before, During and After activities to support inquiry-based research, participants try out the I-Search/We-Search process to investigate a topic and apply strategies such as developing essential questions for research and reading non-fiction texts. The skills and processes of technology are examined as an integral part of non-fiction reading, writing, and the presentation of content.

Participants use a variety of technology and web 2.0 tools and they are expected to try out the course literacy strategies and integrated technology tools with their students. The course provides practical, hands-on experiences with graphic organizers and online research techniques.

Prerequisite: Knowledge of The PLN Frameworks (The Five Reading Writing Talking Processes and The Four Lenses of Learning) A moderate to medium level of technology background (or the willingness to learn and grow with technology) is required.