About the Penn Literacy Network

The Penn Literacy Network (PLN) is a comprehensive professional development/curricular enhancement/school reform program based in the Graduate School of Education at the University of Pennsylvania. PLN has provided on-site and regionally-based credit-bearing or non-credit bearing courses, workshops, coaching programs and leadership trainings to more than 35,000 PreK-12 educators across the United States and internationally in the areas of reading, writing, special needs, ELL, mathematics, science, and technology since 1981.

PLN Goals:

  • To offer school communities a democratic co-constructionist framework for improving teaching/learning/assessment at every grade level across the curriculum.
  • To engage educators in critical reading of challenging texts, in critical writing and in critical conversations with their peers for their own development and to serve as a model for their teaching.
  • To guide educators in conducting classroom tryouts and in sharing their experiences with their colleagues.
  • To work with schools in a long-term process of collaborative construction of research-based curriculum.

The PLN Difference

PLN courses and workshop series are centered on educators (teachers, administrators, specialists, and parents) talking with each other. PLN courses are comprehensive and on-going, typically meeting every few weeks. They combine theory and research with practical implementation of strategies and approaches. Participants try out activities in their classrooms, schools and homes, and reflect on their implementation through journals and courses discussions.