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Teaching & Learning for a Lifetime

The Penn Literacy Network offers a wide range of professional development and continuing education opportunities that empower educators and school leaders to enhance their teaching, learning, and assessment practices. Through our engaging courses, workshops, and personalized coaching, participants explore innovative strategies and practices that elevate student achievement at every grade level across all areas of the PreK-12 curriculum. Our work aims to support educators in their pursuit of ongoing learning and growth, and to provide them with the tools and resources necessary to foster student success.

What Educators are Saying

  • “The Penn Literacy Network made me the teacher I am.”
  • “Left a lasting impact on the way that I teach.”
  • “The suggestions made in workshops or in mentoring can be used the next day.”
  • “Student attitudes, motivation level, and assessments show how the PLN course has improved their learning."
  • "The literacy approaches in math are enlightening and have helped me to understand how to use literacy techniques in a subject that doesn't lend itself to literacy quite as easily as language arts.”
  • “PLN has transformed our district and deepened the skill set of our students to be successful in an ever-changing world.”
  • “PLN offers the kind of support that teachers crave and that helps them develop into better educators.”



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