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EDCE 6150

Re-Energizing Our School Communities

Helping Teachers and Administrators Manage School Stress through Mindfullness Training

The rewards of teaching and school leadership are diminished by the stress that educators can face each time they walk into their classrooms and schools. At times, the insistent demands in and outside of the classroom can overshadow the joys of education. This course focuses on learning to successfully manage the stressors that face educators and recapture the deeper satisfactions of teaching and school leadership.

This course helps participants make fundamental changes in how they react to stress through a series of techniques grounded in a traditional form of meditation known as mindfulness. Mindfulness-based techniques are pragmatic tools that help educators re-energize their capacity to teach, learn, and lead schools while managing day-to-day stress. These techniques have been adapted for use in education and are presented in a straightforward, practical fashion. Participants learn what prevents them from maintaining relaxation and balance in their personal and professional life, discover how to undo those obstacles, and then start to actively recapture the enthusiasm that initially led them to education.