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EDCE 6110

Informational Reading and Writing

Participants use PLN frameworks to explore the genre of non-fiction as they discuss strategies to increase opportunities for students to read and write using informational texts. At the elementary school level, participants explore practical suggestions using informational texts in read aloud sessions and as “mentor texts” for writing. Participants investigate the features of informational texts, the use of non-fiction examples as models of an author's craft, and the pairing of fact and fiction “twin texts” to enrich students’ understanding and appreciation of both genres.

In secondary schools, the vast majority of reading and writing that students do is informational. They must navigate the demands of reading in content areas such as Science and Social Studies. In this course, secondary teachers use the PLN frameworks to develop strategies for helping students access and produce the academic language of content area texts. Areas of focus include reading textbooks, primary source materials, writing informational and persuasive papers, note making, response building, and research writing.This course provides ideas for using informational texts along with content-area textbooks to support student research aligned to The State Standards.