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College Success

Preparing Students for College and Beyond

College completion is an aspiration for many high school graduates, yet barriers to achieving this goal persist for many of them. For this reason, it is critical for secondary institutions to do all they can to facilitate and prepare their learners for success at the post-secondary level. They need to create a plan that allows their students to have the appropriate academic experience, pre-college exposure, and numerous opportunities to practice independence.

Academic preparedness and the development of soft skills such as creating an appropriate study schedule, managing independent time, learning how to ask for help, revising work and communicating effectively with professors will help students build the foundation they need to learn persistence and habits of mind that will make it easier for them to navigate life in college.

In this course, educators work collaboratively to create a comprehensive plan and foundation to positively impact student engagement based on a model that has worked successfully for more than 1000 students. Participants discuss and develop pathways to ensure that their students create successful college experiences and careers. Moreover, they learn ways to prepare their students for the transition from high school to college.

Assignments include ongoing reflective journals that focus on the practical implementation of ideas learned during the course, professional readings, and a final project that reflects a practical college and career success action plan.

PLN facilitator and program creator: Dr. Marquitta Speller

(*The recommended course combination is the College Success course and PLN 1: Critical Reading and Writing in Support of Learning or PLN 1 for School Leaders. The PLN 1 course provides educators with the academic skills needed to support all students as they learn evidence-based skills and strategies that will positively impact their secondary and post secondary success.)