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EDCE 6480

Brain-Based Learning Processes

Supporting Your Students/ Helping Students Needing Learning Support in the Inclusive Classroom

Experts encourage the education of at-risk students within the least restrictive environment. This inclusive approach results in classroom communities of learners with a range of learning styles and needs, many of whom are diagnosed with special needs or are thought to be exceptional. Expanding upon the pedagogy of The Four Lenses and their application through practice begun in PLN 12 A, PLN 12 B takes a deeper look into the curriculum addressing rich strategies to increase comprehension, engagement and success.

Brain processes that derail students such as memory, attention, processing speed and executive functioning are experienced, understood and addressed to allow teachers to foster academic and behavioral gains in their students.

In this course participants have the opportunity to explore brain based learning and behavioral issues to increase their ability to address the needs of all students. Participants gain a broad understanding of how special education works and how to navigate the system to ensure that no student “falls through the cracks”.

Educators have the opportunity to follow their own at-risk students and collaborate on effective and adaptive teaching strategies in order to facilitate their understanding of best practices for all learners. To allow for ecologically sound practice, a LMS is utilized in this course, where articles and strategies are stored to download and a discussion board is provided for posting and responding to journals.

Final projects provide a way for participants to pull together their understanding and application of their course learning and experiences.