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Resources for Participants

How do I register for a credit-bearing course?

If you have received information about a PLN credit-bearing course being offered at your school, district or IU through your district's PLN liaison, go to the PLN homepage and click the Registration icon on the left side of the screen and follow the instructions to complete the form, also linked HERE.  You will receive an email confirmation that your registration has been submitted.  Print or forward this email to your PLN liaison as proof of registration. If you do not know who the PLN liaison is in your district, please contact the PLN office for this information.  If you need more detailed instructions to register online, click here.

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What is a PennKey?

A PennKey and password are needed for Penn students (including PLN participants), faculty and staff to access secure sites on the University of Pennsylvania website.  As a PLN credit-bearing course participant, you will need a PennKey to successfully complete online courses. A PennKey will allow you to: access PLN articles, access your course grade after completion of the course, print unofficial copies of your transcript, order official copies of your transcript online and access other Penn services.

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How do I get a PennKey? 

When you register for a credit-bearing course for the first time, you are automatically enrolled in Penn's student records system.  Upon enrollment, you will receive an email to set up your PennKey. Follow the instructions to set up your PennKey.  

If you do not receive this email by your first class session, you are a returning PLN participant and did not previously sign up for a PennKey and/or you do not remember your PennKey, please complete the appropriate instructions as follows (click here).

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What if I need help with my PennKey?

PLN staff cannot help you with PennKey problems.  If you need assistance with your PennKey, visit the following site (click here)

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How do I obtain an official transcript from the Registrar's Office?

Follow the instructions for ordering a transcript on the following website (click here)

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How do I pay for credit-bearing seminars?

Credit-bearing seminars can be paid either by the district/program in full or out of pocket by individual participants. School districts or programs can pay a lump sum for the seminar once it has begun. Our administrator will send an invoice to our liaison or district business administrator for the exact number of participants. 

Participants who must pay out of pocket will receive specific instructions about payment from their liaison. All checks are made out to Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania. It would help to include PLN and your district name in the memo line for easy reference. PLN participants can also pay with a credit card check made out to University of Pennsylvania. The tuition can be paid over time on your credit card with this type of check payment.

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Do I receive credits for participating in PLN?

Yes, you receive credits for participation in credit-bearing seminars. Seminar participants are eligible to receive state and local credits that count towards maintaining certification. In addition, participants in credit-bearing seminars receive graduate-level continuing education credits from the University of Pennsylvania.

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Will my credits transfer to another program?

Individual participants must check with the receiving university to determine if credits will transfer. It is recommended that participants contact their University to discuss the specifics of credit transfer before taking a PLN seminar or workshop series. Typically, most universities accept the credit transfer.

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What is the difference between course units and course credits?

The University of Pennsylvania reports graduate credits earned on a course unit basis. Unlike many universities that report credits earned as graduate credits, Penn reports course units. Simply, it is a 1:3 scale:  one course unit earned from Penn is the equivalent of 3 graduate credits earned at most other universities. 

Click here for the full explanation of transcript.

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Can I drop a credit-bearing course?

Yes, you can drop a credit-bearing course.  You must drop an in-person or hybrid course before the start of the second course session by contacting the course facilitator.  Fully online courses must be dropped by the beginning of the third week of instruction. If you drop the course after the second course session, or after the beginning of the third week of an online course, you will receive an incomplete grade on your official transcript and you or your district will be responsible for full tuition payment.  Incomplete grades must be completed within one calendar year in order to transfer to a grade. 

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