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Professional Development Courses

In Penn Literacy Network's courses, participants learn together through active, hands-on literacy experiences that model the concepts and strategies to be applied in their classrooms and schools.

These practical activities are blended with discussions of current research-based literacy concepts as presented in many state language arts frameworks. In collaboration, participants investigate, deepen, and apply the PLN Frameworks of The Five Reading Writing Talking Processes and The Lenses of Learning developed by Dr. Morton Botel of the University of Pennsylvania.

PLN participants are encouraged to try out and adapt strategies modeled in class, and have the opportunity to reflect on this implementation with colleagues and facilitators during in-class discussions and through journaling. They also complete a final project: a self-produced curriculum plan ready to be put into action.

PreK–12, graduate-level, continuing education courses are taught on site. Unless otherwise noted, all courses are offered for all grade levels and can be adapted to a variety of district needs.

Early Childhood Courses

Courses include Early LIteracy, Math & Science Literacy, and Early Childhood Literacy Study Group.

Elementary, Middle, & Secondary Courses

PLN offers an extensive selection of courses that support K-12 literacy and numeracy.

Math Courses

Courses include Implementing a Balanced Program, Teaching/Learning/Assessment in Math Literacy, and Implementing written responses in the math classroom.

Non-Credit Course Options

All PLN courses can be adapted to a non-credit bearing format upon requests, which allows participants to complete the courses more quickly. Please contact our office for more information.