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Alignment with State Standards

The State Standards provide important goals for teachers to ensure they are preparing students for success in college and the workforce. The Penn Literacy Network is uniquely aligned to provide educators the opportunity to translate standards into quality instructional practice at all grade levels and throughout the content areas. 

PLN’s focus on The Reading, Writing, Talking Processes shares the same theme as the ELA and cross-curricular State Standards:  Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening, and Language. Furthermore, PLN’s framework of The Four Lenses encompasses the implicit goals of the State Standards: scaffolding to independence; integrated literacy in all content areas; the connection of learning and literacy; the power of backmapping; and the importance of K-12 consistency and articulation. PLN programs and courses guide educators toward curricula and teaching strategies that will provide students a deep understanding of subject matter and the skills they need to apply their knowledge.